Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still amazing us...

First of all...welcome new friends! :) I am once again blown away by the kindness, generosity, and love and support that we have received from strangers across the world. It means more to us than we can express in words. Your words of support and love have touched our hearts deeply. Your generosity in donations back in January and again over the past couple days, have made it possible for us to not have to worry about Dylan's medical bills at all this year and will carry into next year as well. We are beyond grateful for that. That was a huge worry for us and that worry has been lifted and carried by each of you. Thank you from every corner of our hearts.  I'm so grateful for my dear friend, Ashley at Make It and Love It. I am incredibly lucky to call her my friend. My life has been blessed by her and her friendship ever since we met 12 years ago. 

Thank you, thank you...each and every one of you!!


When Dylan got his newest leg, Jason (our prosthetist) said that Dylan would probably be putting it on by himself in no time. Not that I doubted that Dylan would figure it out, but I thought this one would take longer for him to figure out. Once again, he has proved me wrong. When will I learn that he continues to exceed even my highest expectations of him? :) A little over a week after getting this new leg and he is doing almost all of it by himself. We have to help him get the liner positioned right on his leg, but then he rolls it on by himself and snaps his leg in place. Proud mommy moment! :) I finally got a video yesterday morning.

Last night while getting the boys ready for bed, Dylan didn't have his leg on, but kept trying to walk on his stump. This is the most he's ever tried walking on his stump before. He's been putting more weight on his stump lately when his leg is off, but nothing like this. We were pretty impressed! 


  1. He is such a giant in so many ways! My favorite thing about your pics is always how excited Kaden looks in the background.
    Love you!

  2. Hello I am a follower of Make it and Love it. I also have my own blog
    I am so happy i found you! You have such an amazing little boy! So lucky to get to read your journey!

  3. I found you guys through Make it and Love it. Love seeing the updates on your adorable sons and found your story very touching. So glad to have found your blog :)

  4. Hello. I found your blog through Make it a Love it. I was deeply touched by your little one's story and faith and strength. Best wishes for Dylan and all of you. I started following too. You will be in our daily prayers.

  5. He is such an amazing little spirit! Love you guys!

  6. Hola! he llegado hasta ti a través del blog de Ashley. A pesar de la dificultad del idioma, he entendido lo fundamental. Que tenéis un hijo muy especial, (unos hijos preciosos)y que Dylan ha tenido mucha suerte de tener los padres que tiene. Me ha gustado leer (aunque no he podido leerlo todo por la dificultad del idioma), ver todas las imágenes y vídeos....sin lugar a dudas estáis dejando un buen documento para el día que Dylan sea mayor. Su día a día.
    Os felicito por Dylan. Os felicito por Kaden. Os felicito por esa sonrisa con la que siempre se os ve en las imágenes a pesar de los duros momento por los que habéis tenido que pasar.
    Os envío todo mi cariño y mucha fuerza
    Hello! I come to you through the blog of Ashley. Despite the difficulty of the language, I understand the basics. You have a very special son, (a beautiful children) and that Dylan has been very lucky to have parents who have. I liked to read (although I have not read it all because of the difficulty of the language), view all pictures and videos .... no doubt you are leaving a good document for the day that Dylan is greater. Your day to day.
    I congratulate you on Dylan. I congratulate you on Kaden. I congratulate you for that smile that you always see in the picture despite the hard times by those who have been through.
    I send all my love and very strong (Sorry, I translate with the translator and I'm not sure)

  7. That is AWESOME! GO Dylan!! The second that leg clicks, he's off an running!

  8. I found y'all through makeit-loveit, and have been following your story since and just want to say how inspiring little, precious Dylan is! And you and your husband, and your little Kaden always cheering his brother on just melts my heart. You are an amazing family and I just wanted you to know that you are so inspiring. Go Dylan, go!!!

  9. So precious and God bless you all so much! He's such a brave and strong little boy! Found you from your crafting friend! Wishing you all the best! : )