Sunday, March 27, 2016

Garrison's Gift to Dylan

There are many good people in the world, but our friend, Garrison, and his family, are among the best! Garrison brought Christmas early to the kids. A new big boy bike for Dylan and some fun toys for Kaden and Brielle. So sweet!!

Dylan couldn't wait to use his new running leg to race Garrison! So first things first, the race was on!! :)

Garrison's dad, Chris, is so great and Brielle loved how he ran with her!

At one point I ran inside to grab something and I loved Dylan and Garrison's other legs hanging out together. So cute!

After running around and playing for a little bit, we headed inside. Garrison had some presents for the kids. First he gave some presents to Brielle and Kaden. They were all SO perfect and the kids loved them! It was so thoughtful of them to think of the other kids too!

And then it was time for Dylan's present! They had him close his eyes and brought in a new big boy bike! Dylan is very reserved with his emotions and doesn't show them very often, but I promise you, he LOVED it!! How cool is that bike!?!

Garrison brought his own bike so that he and Dylan could ride their bikes together. How great is he!?! Dylan has just barely learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and is still struggling a little with it, so Garrison was awesome and kept hopping off his bike to help Dylan get started or help him up when he would fall. Dylan had SO much fun!

Dylan talked about this day for quite awhile after. "Remember when I raced Garrison? I have a leg like Garrison now!" "When can I ride my cool bike again?" "Is Garrison going to come over and ride bikes again?" He was one happy boy!

I am so grateful for Garrison (and his family)! We feel honored to know such an amazing guy. He is so quality and I'm so glad Dylan has someone like Garrison to look up to and be friends with. I love seeing their special bond and look forward to watching their friendship grow.


  1. Dylan es todo un campeĆ³n, y a pesar de las dificultades no se le resiste nada.
    Estais rodeados de gente buena, me alegro!
    Muchos besos a todos, Katie
    Dylan is a champion, and despite the difficulties he was not resisting anything.
    Are surrounded by good people, I'm glad!
    Many kisses to all, Katie

  2. What an amazing young man - so thoughtful & generous! What a great example for Dylan in so many ways. Thank you Garrison - from a very appreciative grandma!