Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boy or Girl??

We had our 20 week ultrasound the other day. This is the big ultrasound where you find out the gender. However, we have decided to not find out quite yet. So our tech had us close our eyes while she went and figured out the gender and then we were able to watch the rest of the ultrasound. She printed the picture that says the gender on it and stuck it in an envelope and then we are going to have a fun gender reveal party with my whole family closer to Christmas. We're excited!!! But for now this envelope is taunting us on the fridge...ahhh!! :) What's your guess?? I'll be sure to share pics of our gender reveal party after we have it!

The baby looks great. Our tech did a very thorough ultrasound, knowing our history with Dylan. All looks well. It looks super cute (as cute as a baby can look on an ultrasound). :) See!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dylan!!

Happy Birthday Dylan!!
2 years old and oh so handsome!!
We love you!!

From day one, we were smitten by your sweet spirit and tiny stature. You have blessed our lives in so many ways the last two years and we feel honored to call you son and brother.

Day of your birth...we fell in love with you immediately!

One year birthday!

Today - two years old!!

Thank you for bringing joy and happiness into our lives each day! We love you 'way, way more than you know'!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Lookin' Leg!!

Dylan got his new leg today and we were all laughing at how abused his old leg looked. Check it out in comparison to his nice brand new leg! (You may have to click on them to make them bigger to see the extent of the scratches) PS...It doesn't have a foot on it because the foot was still in good enough condition (amazingly!) to just switch it over to the new leg without having to buy a new foot. So this is a new leg with his old foot. :)

His old leg was so beat up and scratched in just three months! But that's a good thing...that means he is using it well!!

Isn't his new leg so pretty and clean!?! Anyone want to take bets on how long it is until he gets his first major scratch in it?? :)

And a few shots of the big boy showing off his new leg. He has been very excited about his new leg and seems to like the fit of it better than how the last one was fitting towards the end, so that is good! He's got a little cold on top of teething his four canines, so he's not himself, but we managed to get a few smiles out of him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I posted an update below of our crazy lives, but forgot to mention something. So scroll down to see the newest update after reading this little post!

I was contacted awhile back by a prosthetist who has recently started a non-profit organization called This organization was made to help amputees (and their families) through the rehabilitative process by giving them education and information regarding limb loss and prosthetics, inspirational stories of those dealing with limb loss, as well as providing social connectivity with others who are going through similar things. The director of the organization, Jon Smith, had come across our blog and asked to share Dylan's story on his website. We know how important it is to be informed and in touch with others through this difficult process and thought it would be a great way to get involved with a great organization. I thought you all might be interested in checking out the website and seeing Dylan's feature. :) You can find it HERE!


I feel like it's been forever since I updated...I guess it kind of has been. The last month has been crazy and still is crazy, but I thought I'd jump on real fast and give a quick update.

In Dylan's leg news...he got fitted last Friday for leg #3!! NUMBER THREE!! That's three legs in less than a year. He clearly had a crazy growth spurt since he got his second leg because three months after getting it, it's now not fitting quite right. He's thinning out a bit, so his leg is on the loose side, as well as he's gotten taller some more so he's growing out of the height of this leg as well. Crazy kid needs to stop growing so fast! Clothes and legs aren't cheap. ha! He tries on the test leg this week, so I'm guessing he'll get his official new leg next week sometime (or the next considering next week is Thanksgiving).

Speaking of next week and why our lives have and continues to be so crazy...we are moving!! We bought a house and we move in the beginning of next week (just in time to have a Thanksgiving feast at our new place!). We are SO excited!! No more mad neighbors banging on the ceiling when our kids are just being kids. Woo hoo!! No more carrying lots of bags of groceries, plus a toddler, while trying to convince another toddler to walk up the stairs at a pace faster than a snail...oh and add the pregnant belly that is growing at astronomical rates...up three flights of stairs!! Woo hoo!! We will have a backyard for the kids to play in!! And a garage to park our cars in!! And the boys are super excited about a basement (not sure why...but they think that is super cool!)!! When we first found out it was finally going to happen, Kaden kept asking EVERY single morning if that was the day we were going to move into our new house so we started a countdown...and there are only a few links left of the countdown chain. We do a happy dance every morning when we get to rip a link off! So we have been busy busy with getting house stuff in order and packing and packing and normal life and doctors appointments and packing. But we can't wait!

Packing is fun! (right??...still trying to convince myself of that) Lots of boxes to play in...
...and discoveries of old treasures that you forgot existed like this gem that Kaden so excitedly modeled for us! Fun times!!

In normal day to day life, Kaden is going to Preschool this year and I have loved and treasured the one on one time I get to spend with Dylan. The other day we went and got some smoothies together. Dylan was quite the ladies man with all the workers. He looked so cute sipping his little mini smoothie. I couldn't stop smiling...or taking pictures. I love my boys! They make me SO happy!

And last but not least...we got some family pictures taken. Figured with the new baby coming it was time to get some professional family pictures taken of our current dynamic (the last ones we got I was pregnant with Dylan...we're not so good at this whole taking regular professional family pictures thing). :) They turned out fantastic! Thought I'd share just a few.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these boys!! I'm one lucky lady!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feet Print Ghosts

We did a fun Halloween craft the other day...feet print ghosts!! It was a super easy craft, but the boys still really enjoyed it. It probably had something to do with the fact that we painted their feet! :) They thought that was SO fun! I was planning on only doing one foot of each boy, but they really wanted to do both feet so why not? Dylan excitedly offered his stump to paint since we hadn't put his leg on yet. I LOVE his little stumpy print! 

I let the boys paint each others second foot/stump.

I think they turned out SUPER cute! Kaden painted his name on both of his papers all by himself! Fun craft!

Cute after we did all four prints, Dylan pointed out that his stumpy print was a circle. Kaden looked at me and said, "Mom, mine is different! What shape is mine?" I thought it was too cute that Kaden thought HIS foot print was the "different" one, as opposed to Dylan's lone stumpy print being the "different" one. :)