Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dylan!!

Happy Birthday Dylan!!
2 years old and oh so handsome!!
We love you!!

From day one, we were smitten by your sweet spirit and tiny stature. You have blessed our lives in so many ways the last two years and we feel honored to call you son and brother.

Day of your birth...we fell in love with you immediately!

One year birthday!

Today - two years old!!

Thank you for bringing joy and happiness into our lives each day! We love you 'way, way more than you know'!


  1. Beautiful! Happy birthday, buddy!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, little man. Sending you tons and tons of hugs from Australia! Hearting your new leg which is soooo cool. mwah big guy, have fun! Hx :)

  3. Feliz cumpleaños cariño!!!! aunque ya hayan pasado dos días.
    Que guapos que son tus hijos.
    Muchos besos!!!!

  4. Once again I can not thank you enough for being real on your blog. It was almost a year ago when I first found you through Make it and Love it. :)
    We had our first apt with our 2.5 year old girl at Shriner's Hospital here in Utah where we met with even more specialists about her Fibular Mememelia. We are hopeful that they can help her. She continues to walk tipy toed, can not wear a "normal" kids shoe and other things but I do believe that if I had not seen the pictures of your handsome Dylan and the dimples he had on his legs that I would never had asked the doctor if our Madie had F. H. She had the same dimpling! It's amazing how much more help you get when your child is labeled with having something :) Thanks again, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!

    Love, Becca aka