Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feet Print Ghosts

We did a fun Halloween craft the other day...feet print ghosts!! It was a super easy craft, but the boys still really enjoyed it. It probably had something to do with the fact that we painted their feet! :) They thought that was SO fun! I was planning on only doing one foot of each boy, but they really wanted to do both feet so why not? Dylan excitedly offered his stump to paint since we hadn't put his leg on yet. I LOVE his little stumpy print! 

I let the boys paint each others second foot/stump.

I think they turned out SUPER cute! Kaden painted his name on both of his papers all by himself! Fun craft!

Cute after we did all four prints, Dylan pointed out that his stumpy print was a circle. Kaden looked at me and said, "Mom, mine is different! What shape is mine?" I thought it was too cute that Kaden thought HIS foot print was the "different" one, as opposed to Dylan's lone stumpy print being the "different" one. :)


  1. That is absolutely adorable. I LOVE the stumpy print!

  2. Cute project! I saw this article today about a girl with proximal femoral focal deficiency and wanted to share it with you...

  3. La reflexión de Kaden, es muy hermosa...pensar que su pie es diferente y no el de su hermano....desde luego tus hijos son geniales....y vosotros estáis haciendo una buena labor....siempre me quedo impresionada....
    Kaden's reflection is very beautiful ... think his foot is different and not his brother .... of course your kids are brilliant .... and you are doing a good job .... I always was impressed ....

  4. That stumpy print is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    Also, when I taught preschool, I did this with my class (2 year olds). They thought it was SO much fun, and then I let them paint my foot (so we could have a whole class of ghosts) and that was apparently the best thing EVER. Looks like your boys enjoyed painting each other, too!

    Happy Halloween!