Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wheelbarrow & Stumpy Skills

We got Dylan his trick or treat pumpkin for Halloween and he is obsessed with it. Carries around with him everywhere. So cute!

We had fun doing wheelbarrow with the boys the other night. They had a lot of fun too, as you can see!

While Bryson was doing wheelbarrow with Kaden, Dylan started walking around on his stumpy. He's been doing it more and more, here and there, but this was like, full on walking on his stumpy. Since Dylan has a much shorter femur on top of his shorter tibia, he has a MASSIVE difference between his good leg and his stumpy. Do you see how his leg has to be bent in an almost 90 degree angle in order for his stumpy to touch the ground? That takes some serious muscle! We're pretty impressed!

While Bryson was changing Dylan's diaper earlier tonight, he was pretending to eat Dylan's toes and stumpy saying that he was eating cookies and ice cream. Dylan was laughing and laughing. Even after he was done changing his diaper, Dylan kept sticking his stumpy up saying "Ice cream! hahaha" and Bryson would pretend to eat his yummy yummy ice cream stumpy! haha.

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  1. A veces los niños son auténticos héroes, y Dylan sin lugar a dudas lo es....
    Sometimes children are true heroes, and Dylan certainly it is...
    Hugs and kisses