Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Love Stumpies

We like stumpies in this house. :) The boys think it's hilarious when we are getting them dressed and their arms or feet get stuck in the clothes. They will yell out "STUMPY!! I have a stumpy!!" and they both laugh and laugh and laugh and play around with their "stumpy". I think it's cute. Bryson got a cute video of them the other night. I like how when Bryson asks Dylan where his stumpy is, he makes one with his hand instead of pointing out his "real" stumpy. haha.


  1. Que agradable es levantarse y ver la sonrisa de tus hijos. Un beso
    It's nice to get up and to see the smile of your children. Kisses

  2. Oh my goodness, your boys are adorable! So sweet with each other, I love how he kisses his brother's "stumpy". Heart melted. :)