Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our neighbors hate us...

I try really hard to be very considerate of the fact that people live below us (we live in a third floor apartment). I make sure the boys don't run around until after 9am and then they are in bed by 7pm so they aren't up late making noise or anything. During the day I am cautious of them running or jumping around too much and attempt to limit it to an extent, but let's face it...they are kids, they are boys, they like to run around and make noise and jump and be loud! Oh and in case you were wondering...a one year old toddler is typically a loud walker as they are just learning to walk and be steady etc., they're not very graceful...add on a prosthetic leg...there is a lot of "thumping" around. So yes, our neighbors hate us, as in called in complaints and bang on their ceiling (our floor) kind of hate us. Oh well, we try, we really do. Hopefully we will be out of this apartment soon. :)

ANYWAY...Dylan figured out how to jump the other day while we were waiting in line at the post office for 45 minutes. Like BOTH feet of the ground jumping all by himself!! SO awesome and we are SO proud of him!! So when we got home, I let them jump...and jump...and jump....because it was so fun seeing Dylan getting those feet off the ground and looking so proud of himself and Kaden was having so much fun being able to freely jump without me constantly telling him to stop. I'm sure the neighbors LOVED our jump session, but this was one time when I just didn't care!

Check out these mid jump shots! Their faces kill me!

And then I got some fun continuous shots of Kaden jumping over and over.

And of course I had to include some videos of Dylan jumping so you can see the action for real! Look how good he's doing!

So proud of this little man! That's a big accomplishment for any one year old, let alone for one with a fake leg!


  1. This little man always amazes me! I feel like a proud lurker! ;-) Big hugs for both these beaut kids - Hxo

  2. I'm thinking that maybe your downstairs neighbour needs to spend a day in Dylan's shoes. Perhaps she should do some babysitting for you instead of banging on the ceiling!

  3. So totally brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you and Dylan!I used to live in a 2nd room apt. with my best friend, way back when, and our neighbor did the same thing to us, using a broom. It was just the 2 of us, and we were gone all day. Honestly, I thing some people aren't happy, unless they are causing drama that doesn't even exist(or need to exist) Hopefully you won't be there too long! (((hugs)))

  4. I would be soooo happy if my upstairs neighbors put their kids to bed by 7! Instead they run around and scream until midnight or later! But I can say I have never banged on the ceiling with a broom, ha ha. Sounds like you are being very reasonable :) Hope you find the right new place!!

  5. First off every fiber in my soul wants to come get those adorable little boys and take them downstairs with a plate of cookies (making sure that his perfectly fake little leg was showing clearly) And say something to the effect, we're sorry that you have been disturbed by our children as you can see its hard for a toddler to tell the difference on how to walk quietly when he can't tell the difference. Then just walk away. I bet they would feel really bad then.
    Ok now the sain part of me comes around, take the boys downstairs with a plate of cookies and apologize for making things hard on them. Not only will it teach the boys that we try and make a good thing out of a bad thing, but we can be nice to even nasty people.
    Ok back to the first little devil, egg their apartment windows. LOL

  6. let 'em jump!! :)

  7. This is so great!! Great job, Dylan!!!

  8. Odiar, odiar seguro que no, pero os echaran de menos cuando marchéis del apartamento :)
    Que felicidad verlos gusta.
    Hate, hate...I'm sure they don't, but they will miss you when you leave the apartament :)
    How happy is to see them jump! I like

  9. I am so impressed by the jumping. I know you are not supposed to compare children but my 2 1/2 year old just started figuring out how to jump with both feet at once (he does have some developmental delays), and not that high yet, so that Dylan is doing it at 1 and with a prosthesis is amazing to me! You sound like you are incredibly thoughtful if you manage to keep the boys quiet until 9 and after 7. If I lived downstairs from you I would be thrilled to hear all that thumping during such reasonable hours, especially if I knew about all the incredible progress that it signified!

    Karen (