Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Magic!

Part of our nightly routine now involves hand washing Dylan's liner and then I also try to wipe down his foot each night, as it gets really dirty really quick. A few times I have noticed these weird lines on the bottom of his prosthetic foot and I could not figure out where they were from. They wiped off fairly easily, so they weren't scratches or anything. It was very strange. Then today while we were coloring, Dylan walked across one of the coloring books and it struck me...maybe his foot is like silly putty. You know how you can place silly putty on a newspaper or comic or coloring book, etc. and it leaves an image from the newspaper, etc. on the silly putty. So I took his leg off real fast, wiped his foot clean, and gave it a shot. Sure enough...his little foot is magic!! :)


{"Walking" across}



  1. Now that's one awesome foot there! Can you imagine the things he can decorate with as he gets older? I love reading your blog, and come to see how you are doing all the time. You are an inspiration for us all.


  2. Ha.....that IS magic. Watch, he's going to walk over everything now and then look to see if it transferred to his foot. Funny! :)


  3. Tienes una fotocopiadora andante!!!!!!!! que divertido!!!!!
    Have you an errant photocopier!!!!!!! what fun!!!!!!