Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rash :(

Yesterday morning, while the boys were playing around, Dylan kept pulling on his liner and I noticed what looked like a bright red rash on Dylan's leg under the liner. So I hurry and took Dylan's leg off and sure enough, he had a nice little rash all over his leg. Luckily it's not TOO bad. I think what happened was some miscommunication between Bryson and I in regards to cleaning his liner and he ended up in a liner that hadn't been cleaned after it's prior wear, causing some irritation. Lesson learned! I washed both liners really well (which we typically do every night, but it got missed somehow) and sanitized them with some rubbing alcohol just to make sure they were extra clean for his sensitive leg. I kept his leg off all day and ran to the store to buy some cream and slathered the rash with the cream throughout the day and it was looking much better by the end of the day. Today he wore his leg all day. There is still a little rash, but it looks MUCH better! Sorry little man!

Sad boy. :(

This is what it looked like when I first noticed it. So bright red on his knee and toward the bottom of his stump.

This is what it looked like later in the day, not quite as bad, but still very there.

A little rash doesn't keep this boy from still smiling though! :)


  1. Oh poor Dylan! You are much better about washing than I am. We change socks every day but I only wash the liner and sleeve about once a week!!! But so far we haven't had a problem. Glad he's doing better!

  2. Poor little guy! I hope his leg continues to heal.

  3. Tienes razón, una erupción no hará que Dylan deje de sonreir.
    Espero que en todos estos días esté curado del todo. Besos
    You're right, it's a rash, but Dylan does not stop smiling.
    I hope that after all these days he is healing. Kisses