Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Oscar Pistorius!!!

This morning we got to watch Oscar Pistorius run the 400m in the OLYMPICS!! He did AMAZING, coming in 2nd place and qualifying for the semi-finals! We can't wait to watch the semi-finals tomorrow and cheer him on again.

We recorded the race and watched it all together and explained to the boys that he has special legs just like Dylan has a special leg. We told them that one day maybe Dylan could have super cool legs like Oscar. Kaden thought that was pretty awesome. The boys loved watching him run and afterwards, Kaden ran all around the house "SO fast!". I asked him if he was going to be in the Olympics and he said yes. I think he was inspired. :)

It gave me chills watching Oscar run and seeing him do so well. I've watched the race over and over throughout the day. He truly is an inspiration to many!! GO OSCAR!!

Kaden getting ready to watch the race. According to Kaden, Oscar is a dinosaur, "Oscar Pisauraus". hahaha. :) Maybe that's how he runs so fast! :)

Dylan watching Oscar race. "Go, Oscar!!"

Dylan watching his/our hero/inspiration! :) He was pretty enthralled with him.


  1. Can we discuss how I really want to marry Oscar? Because I really really do.

    Also, I was watching a piece on him and there was a really adorable picture of him as a little kid, and he said his mom would tell his sibling to put on his shoes and would tell him to put on his leg, and it totally made me think of Dylan!

    1. If I weren't already married to an amazing man, I'd want to marry him too. :)

    2. I left a link to your blog on his facebook page with a little note about Dylan!

      Hey, Oscar is only a year older than me. Clearly I have a chance. :-P

  2. As a fellow South African I'm also so incredibly proud of Oscar. His indomitable spirit is an inspiration to us all. And I'm so pleased that your gorgeous Dylan has him as a hero. And Molly? Stand in line! ;-)