Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prayer Request & "Itches"

If you could all pray for my friend, Lisa, and her sweet baby, Anna. Anna is in surgery right now. I was hoping to get this up last night, but was unable to. However, I know how hard the recovery process is, especially the first 24 to 48 hours, and know that they can use just as many prayers now as well. Thank you all!

In Dylan news...his big black scab finally came off this morning! Kaden came running up to me while I was getting ready and said, "Mom! The itches are gone." I asked, "The itches are gone?" He said, "Yes! Dylan's itches are gone!!" Then it clicked...Itches=Stitches. :)

It looks good. It bled in two little spots so I put some first aid cream on it and wrapped it in gauze for now. No more being extra careful with his stump because we didn't want to accidentally rip his scab off. :) In general healing stump news...he's moving around on it much better. Still doesn't crawl with that leg, but he is putting weight on the stump, not full weight, but weight. He is using it more and more, so we are super happy with his progress.

(Picture taken with my cell phone so I apologize for the quality.)


  1. It looks great! I'm so glad to hear he's recovering well. I hope you're doing well with everything that's gone on. It can be such an emotional journey for everyone...

  2. aw thanks. Anna is doing SO much better. She slept GREAT last night (first night home) and just took a two hour nap- praise God! Now the hardest thing is figuring out how she can play when she can't even sit up. You are so blessed that Dylan could sit up! I do not like that waist cast thing :)

    I have a blog question for you- how do you get your pictures to fit together nicely like that? And with the borders? I can't seem to make my pictures look nice.