Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Benefit Of Being An Amputee

He can escape!
He uses his little stump to help get him out of pretty tight places.

This one I was able to stop before he got too far, but he sure was trying.

This time I was too late. I was making breakfast and turned around to find him on top of his tray! I sat him down real fast, but the second I turned around he was out again.

On a separate note...if you ask Dylan where his stump is, he typically does this...
"I know it's in there somewhere!"

Love this boy...and this awesome cheesy smile I get whenever I pull out the camera! :)


  1. CUTE!!!!! And a little dangerous, eh?? hahaha

  2. He is SO cute!!!!!

  3. I love reading your posts! They seriously make me smile evertime I see Dylans grin. He is one handsome dude and I love the picture of Kaden just smiling watching him try get out.

  4. Haha......little stink! He's going to use that stump to his advantage the best he can. What a smartie! :)


  5. That is hilarious! LOVE IT! Guess he'll miss that trick after Friday pretty much huh? Now you know to keep the leg ON when he eats. :)