Tuesday, January 20, 2015


My goodness, it's been awhile. Last time I posted was about Dylan's surgery. I still cringe when I think about that surgery and the long recovery. This surgery messed Dylan up pretty bad emotionally and mentally. And understandably so. This was a big surgery, and it was a long, painful recovery. He just wasn't quite the same for quite awhile after surgery. But I really feel like the last month or two we are finally starting to see our pre-surgery Dylan. Pre-surgery Dylan was so brave and not scared of anything. He was a pro at doctor appointments and never even flinched when he had to get things done like get shots or x-rays. He wasn't scared to try new things and was the first to jump into any situation. Post-surgery Dylan has been scared of just about everything. Normal life situations that wouldn't normally phase him were a struggle. He was scared to let anyone touch his leg/stumpy, even us. We couldn't get near it without complete hysterics. Especially when he still had stitches that were lingering (because he wouldn't let us get near them to clip them off). Doctor appointments and dental appointments were nightmares. He would shake and cry the whole time. It was really hard to see. So incredibly heartbreaking. BUT...like I said, our Dylan is coming around! In fact, he had his 4 year check up yesterday and talked cheerfully with the doctor the whole time. When she said he needed to get a couple shots he said, "That's okay. I'm going to be SO brave. I hope I get 4 shots since I'm 4 now." :) (he only needed 3 and he was a little bummed about that...haha!) And he was SO brave. No tears whatsoever. I'd say he's back!! He's back to his brave, full of life, a deep smile always in his eyes and on his face, funny, carefree self! And we couldn't be happier to see it!!

He really is a warrior!! Even warriors struggle in battle. But they KEEP FIGHTING. And Dylan has never stopped fighting. Even when he was really struggling, you could see the determination in his eyes and the fight in his spirit. I admire him so much!

He really is doing so great now. He's back to running and jumping and riding his bike (before it started snowing) and just being the active kid that he is. His leg is getting stronger and stronger, but it still tires quicker than it did before. We were able to go to Disneyland for the boys' birthdays last month and we were really impressed with how much he wanted and insisted on walking around. He walked most of the day and kept refusing to get in the stroller. He's feisty...but in a good way! :)

Here are some recent pics from the last few months.

Dylan rocked our 4th of July Parade with our church in his awesome red, white and blue wheelchair.

Hopping through sprinklers

Getting fitted for his new leg, 2 months post surgery. We can't thank our prosthetist enough for everything he does for Dylan!!

First time walking post surgery with his temporary leg. There were tears. But he tried and tried and tried again. 

Getting his official leg. He had his temporary leg for a couple weeks, so he was used to walking on it by this point and was excited to get his official leg. And check out the type of shoes he has on!! FLIP FLOPS!! His new foot has a split toe so he gets to wear flip flops for the first time!!! He is SO excited!! The things that excite an amputee. :) He wore flip flops EVERY day for as long as he possibly could.

Back on his bike!! He was riding his bike before he could even walk again. :)

Swim lessons. He did great!!

Backpack shopping.

First day of Preschool!!! He was SO excited!!

Hanging out with Jack, who also has Fibular Hemimelia. Cute boys!

Showing off their legs.

Playing at a splash pad.

He insisted on climbing the rock wall and totally nailed it!

Presenting a plaque to Dairy Queen from Children's Miracle Network for their help in raising money for Children's Hospitals.

Handsome boys! Matchy, matchy!

Seriously...his smile!!

Leaf jumping!


Dylan turned 4!

He wants to be a doctor when he grows up, so we got him a little doctor set to play with. :)

We went to Disneyland for the boys' birthdays.

After Disneyland we got them changed into their jammies so they could fall asleep on the way home. Apparently we took his leg off and pants off all in one sweep. Once we got home, I threw everything on the bed and seeing pants with the leg still in it made me jump a little. haha. Not something you see everyday. :)

Walking with Great Papa Jack while visiting California.

Enjoying some snow back at home.


Love this boy!


  1. What a wonderful update! And it's fun to see your boys looking older and notice who looks more like you or dad.
    Thank you for the great posts and for such a positive outlook!

  2. He is certainly a strong and brave warrior! What a blessing. That smile is so contagious.

  3. You are all so brave. What a super cute family! Thanks for the update! Glad to see everyone is doing well!

  4. So so so very cute!! :) I cannot believe he is ALREADY 4! Where has time gone? And the flip-flops.... ADORABLE. This whole post was just so fun to read. He is darling.

  5. Felicidades por esos 4 años y por esa sonrisa que siempre tiene
    Es encantador volver a saber de todos vosotros, en especial de los avances de Dylan
    Un abrazo

  6. It is wonderful to know that Dylan is making such good progress. I have never seen a stronger family. You inspire me and your positivity makes my day,
    I have been wanting to comment since the day this was posted, better late than never, though!

  7. I am so happy to see an update! I can't believe he is 4 now! He sounds like a great kid. I'm glad he is starting to act like himself again, it's awesome that he can do so much too!

  8. Que anjo lindo, ele é perfeito, tem luz no olhar, no sorriso, em tudo... meu filho foi diagnosticado com hemimelia fibular hoje.

  9. Que anjo lindo, ele é perfeito, tem luz no olhar, no sorriso, em tudo... meu filho foi diagnosticado com hemimelia fibular hoje.