Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, hello there!

It's been awhile (besides my quick introduction to our sweet Brielle)!! A lot has happened in the past few months. Mostly just normal day to day life stuff, but there have been a few extra special things that have happened along the way.

We've celebrated a few holidays and had some fun with them!

We enjoyed some fun times in the many snow storms we got this year.

Now that the weather is warming up, we've enjoyed lots of time outside, riding bikes, on walks, running through sprinklers, and at the park.


This picture cracks me up. Dylan said, "I'll catch you, Kaden!!" haha!

Look how awesome Dylan did riding a scooter for the very first time!

We've been super heroes!

We've spent a lot of time, lately, loving on Miss Brielle, who is now over a month old and starting to smile!
How blessed am I??

We spent a little time in the ER with Dylan. He bonked his head so hard one day and then had trouble walking afterwards. Couldn't walk more than 3-4 steps without falling a very drunk 2 year old. It was pretty scary, but after lots of tests, they found no concussion, no swelling or bleeding on the brain. He was walking normal by the evening of the next day.

But the coolest thing that I have been wanting to share with you guys, but have been trying to figure out how to without sharing too much information that I have tried hard to avoid sharing on this blog (doctor names, hospitals we go to, area we live in, etc), is we were asked to be a part of a fundraiser for the hospital that Dylan has been going to since day one. We jumped at the opportunity to help raise money for this hospital that has helped make our son's life better than we ever thought would be possible. They wanted to feature Dylan (along with some other kids from the hospital) and his story. We didn't realize just how much it would involve, but we ended up on the radio, TV news, and in the newspaper telling Dylan's story. It ended up being such an amazing experience and we met SO many great people through it. We agreed to do it for a few reasons. 1. We were thrilled about the opportunity to help the hospital out. and 2. We look forward to the day when we can show Dylan the news story and the radio story and the newspaper article and show him just how much he touched and inspired many people. I wish I could share the stories with you guys. The people who put them together did such a great job. Unfortunately, they share a little too much personal information that I don't feel comfortable sharing on the blog (which is read by people from all over the world). If I can figure out a way to edit them, I will share them eventually.

Some pictures they wanted of Dylan. :)

Here is Bryson and I during our live on air radio interview.

Getting ready to do our live TV news interview.

One of the amazing kids we met during the process. He lost his leg due to cancer. Such an inspiration!


  1. He is getting soon big!!!! I love his hair style :) Conratulations on your sweet girl!

  2. Hola cariño. Hace días que tengo esta entrada en mi correo electrónico, pero buscaba un momento para leerla y entenderla bien y para ver todas estas imágenes que muestras.
    Te felicito por tus hijos tan guapos, de ver que están creciendo cada día más fuertes, sobretodo Dylan. Tu princesita Brielle, que está muy bonita con esas primeras sonrisas.
    Me parece muy bien que compartáis vuestras vivencias a través de interview en los medios de comunicación, seguramente hará bien a otras familias que se encuentren en vuestra misma situación.
    Me alegro mucho que Dylan se encuentre bien y que solo fuera un pequeño susto.

    Os envío todo mi cariño y que sepas que me encanta ver entradas tan llenas de vida a pesar de esas pequeñas dificultades. Estáis llenos de felicidad
    Un beso grande