Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We are SO excited and happy to introduce our beautiful and sweet baby, Brielle. She is three weeks old now and we have LOVED having her in our home. She came two weeks early but was perfect and healthy. The boys are totally smitten with her and are incredibly loving and gentle with her. Kaden is my little helper and loves to help me in any way he can to be near her. Dylan can't give her enough kisses on her head and sweet little love rubs. They just love her! We all do!! I had a pretty easy labor and delivery and am healing well. After 3 weeks I'm finally feeling "normal" again physically and am starting to get the hang of this whole three kid business. She's been a pretty good baby so far. Life is a little crazy these days, but a beautiful kind of crazy and we love it!

Here are a few pictures from the past three weeks...

{Family of five!}

{The boys meeting their sister for the first time}

{Ready to go home after one day in the hospital}

{Kaden's first time feeding her}

{Dylan loves holding Brielle}

{So much pink! haha}

{One week old}

{She loves her Daddy!}

{2 weeks old!}

{Peace! haha}

{Sleeping angel!}

{Big brothers and little sister}

PS...I know it's been awhile since I last posted. Life was crazy before Brielle was born and now even more crazy with a newborn. But I do have some fun things to post about Dylan. Some fun experiences that we were able to be a part of and just an update on his leg. One of these days.... :)


  1. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones!!!!!
    Tu niña es realmente muy hermosa.
    Tus hijos están hechos unos hombrecitos, muy, muy guapos y además, se les ve más crecidos.
    Y a vosotros, se os ve enormemente felices con el nuevo bebe.
    Desde luego ahora será todo un poco loco....disfrutad de esa locura y no permitid que os agobie.
    Ya sois familia numerosa!!!!!
    Os envío muchos, muchos besos...esperaba con ansiedad esta entrada.
    Me alegro mucho que el parto fuera bien y naciera fácilmente.

    Un abrazo muy grande!!!!

  2. thanks for the post! What a beautiful, perfect! family of 5! Brielle sure is a precious little thing!

  3. I love this post!! What a super cute little growing family. Just picture perfect! A family of five-- sounds incredibly busy but no one handles motherhood like you do.

  4. I am so happy that your baby girl made it here safe and sound and that both of you are doing well. I have checked back several times to see an update on the looks of his big smiles in the pictures it seems that he is doing well. We found out a little over a month ago that the leg lengthening procedure that we were working towards is no longer a good option for our 3 year old and we were told we need to make a decision to amputate her foot. Even though we new it was a possibility a year ago, we are scared and nervous that it's now staring us in the face. Any advice would be appreciated. You can email me anything you feel impressed to share. ribbit _ 84108 at yahoo dot com
    I am so grateful for your willingness to share things. It helps us to not feel so alone on this scary adventure. with love, Becca

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