Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oscar Pistorius

I've quoted Oscar Pistorius on the blog before. Ever since Dylan's diagnosis and doing some google searches, we came across Oscar Pistorius' story and he has become our inspiration and hero and I know he will be a role model in Dylan's life. He was born with the same condition as Dylan and is a double amputee because of it. I admire his parents and how they raised him to truly believe that he did not have a disability, that he was just different. But different is good! I really hope we can instill that in Dylan. Anyway, Oscar is a world record sprinter. He has won gold medals in the paralympics, as well as against able bodied athletes. He is currently trying to qualify for the London Summer Olympics. He's amazing! Check out this story Brian Williams did on him. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Oscar Pistorius - Blade Runner - Rock Center w/ Brian Williams Story

He also has a book...I've got to get my hands on a copy.

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  1. Dylan IS fine and will always be, do not just believe it, KNOW IT and trust the Creator who will give Dylon and you the trust to know. Like Oscar, Dylon will grow up, knowing that he is different, but differently ABLE. He will learn that he is often, more able. (please do not worry about a view scratches on his stumps - I think that Oscar's love for art came from the 'imitation stitches', he often painted on his 'legs'") Dylon can and SHOULD COMPETE WITH HIS FRIENDS ON AN EQUIL basis, as much as possible - 'sit ups, push ups, pull ups and short sprints etc. During his pre-teens he might decide to run on his stumps, if he had a 'Symes Amputation', with his heel pad placed where his feet were amputated. Love and treat him 100% like his brother/sister or friends, ZERO difference ever!!! Enjoy - HenkePistorius.