Friday, January 20, 2012

One Week Later

Still working on the detailed surgery day/hospital stay post. Someday...when I'm not so tired. :) Today I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror as I walked past it and I literally had to do a double take. I know I FEEL like the walking dead...I didn't realize I LOOKED like it too. haha.

Yesterday marked one week home from the hospital and we are amazed with the progress Dylan has/is making! He's crawling all over the place (has been since the day we got home, just one day after surgery), he's climbing whatever he can manage to climb, he's standing (which was hard for him to figure out, but he did it!) and is now working on trying to cruise around furniture. He wants to walk so bad. He LOVED to walk prior to surgery and I think it's kind of driving him crazy that he can't walk right now, but he'll figure it out. In due time, I KNOW he will. He's always figured things out and made them work and I know he'll figure this out too. I tried holding his hands the other day to help him walk like he used to and he just didn't know what to do with his casted leg. He started crying. It was really sad. BUT...for the most part...he is doing awesome! Nights are still a struggle. He tosses and turns and whimpers and cries all night long. It makes for a very sad boy and a very tired mommy! However, during the day, he is pretty much back to his normal cute self.

He's mastered:





And just being too darn cute...

He's kind of superman. :)

It's pretty exhausting being so awesome.


  1. I am thrilled to hear how well Dylan is doing. What an amazing little boy!

  2. SO happy to see that Dylan is doing so well. Oh those cast's can be a pain and heavy too but he will figure it out. Our little Madie had 10 of them or so in her first year. So how soon have they told you that the cast will come off?? I know that I had to mentally prepare myself for that big day after our daughter had hand surgery....that her hands would look different and that the hands that I had come to love would look different. That was the hardest part for me.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you :)
    -Becca over at naptimejournal

  3. this post was Awesome! I can't believe he can lay with his legs in the air with that cast on. he is one strong little boy. physically as well as mentally and i'm sure spiritually. what a super little cutie pie!

  4. What a cutie!!! I love the "chilling" pictures. :-) You're doing a great job, Katie!

  5. Oh he is such a little stud! Whoo hoo, Dylan! I love Kaden in the pics when Dylan is crawling over him lol, his big smile! Cute and that Dylan crazy hair! Hilarious! I am so impressed by that little guy!

  6. BEYOND ADORABLE!!! Love him!! xoxo

  7. Hi Katie!

    I don't know you, but I read about little Dylan on your friend's blog Make It and Love It. Anyway, my son Lucas has a similar disorder. It is called PFFD he is missing his femur, but his lower leg is normal. I just wanted to say hi since I so infrequently find children with similar problems. I don't really talk much about it on my blog, but I am enjoying reading about Dylan. I am glad his surgery went well and I hope he is able to thrive with a prosthetic. It has taken Lucas quite some time to really use his prosthetic he just functioned without one for a while. He is now almost 5 and he uses it almost everyday. He is darling and if you want to chat my email is oslugger1(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Melissa Resch