Thursday, September 1, 2011

He's Crawling!

Dylan is 9 months TODAY! And he started full on crawling TODAY! Such a big boy. Time is flying TOO fast! He's been really close to crawling for about a week, but couldn't quite get his legs to follow his hands forward. :) Well, today he figured it out and he hasn't stopped. We are so proud of him! We knew his little leg wouldn't hinder his crawling. Since his femur is shorter on his little leg and his knees don't match up, we knew he might be a little lopsided, but you can hardly even tell. His little leg is perfectly bent, his long leg just sticks out to the side a little to compensate for the extra length, but it doesn't seem to change the way he crawls. Just a slight adjustment on his part. We LOVE seeing him progress! Way to go Dylan!!

He has also started trying to pull himself up on things. This has been more of a challenge for him. Poor guy. His little leg is so much shorter than his long leg that it's really hard for him to get balance and he really struggles to get standing. But he continues to try and we know he'll get it! We have another appointment with Dr. E in a couple weeks and we'll be asking about some sort of brace with a lift maybe. Something that will help him stand a little easier (and possibly walk in the future) until surgery. Who knows. We are anxiously awaiting this appointment. We really hope we'll get a better idea of when surgery might happen.


  1. Beautiful! You must be so proud. Hope the appointment goes well- sounds like your doc is great and has a good head on his shoulders. I'm sure he'll give you peace about what timeline is best for little Dylan, even if all the timing can't be nailed down completely. I think the waiting and wondering is the hardest part for sure!

  2. It’s the Orme internal fight as well as the plan Heavenly Father has for us, individually. The doctors told Jonathan that he should not do this or that.. etc… Basically sit in a chair and watch the world go by. Jon has since gone on a mission, he and a friend have started a pool cleaning business, and he is going to school and getting good grades. None of which has been easy for him, he has had to teach himself how to walk, move his hand and think differently. He is re-teaching himself how to play the piano. When his body/brain was whole I had the hardest time getting him to sit and practice the piano. School was not that important to him. And now look at him! He says I am not going to sit in a chair and wait to die, I will die doing stuff, whether it is now or 60 years from now; just like everyone else.

  3. Way to go, Dylan!! What a sweet video and what a precious little face he has. Persevere, little man!!