Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dylan putting his leg on...

If you haven't seen the post about Dylan WALKING, check it out below.

Dylan has been trying really hard to put his leg on by himself. It's really cute. He's actually gotten it a couple times with just a little assistance. But typically he'll put the leg portion on first and then put the liner part on the toes. It's pretty funny.

The other day we were relaxing in bed after naps and quiet time and he was playing with his leg. The videos are from my phone so they are wrong directions and poor quality, but you get the idea. Pretty fun, huh?

Earlier in the day I got a cute video of him dancing. :) Silly boy! my phone so it's turned sideways.


  1. Such a cute little man! I'm still so amazed at how quickly he's adjusted to his new leg. Wonderful! (Was that a Target brand diaper I saw? That's my absolute favorite brand :)