Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prayer Request

Do you see this sweet baby??

His name is Beau (my boys call him Baby Beau). We met Beau and his beautiful mama, Aili, through the FH support groups we are apart of and realized we live near each other. We have gotten together numerous times and have become very close friends. Beau is now 10 months old. I wish I had a recent picture of him because he is seriously one of the cutest little kids!

Beau has bilateral fibular hemimelia, meaning he has FH in both of his legs. He will be having a double below knee amputation this morning in about an hour. I ask that you say a quick prayer for baby Beau and for his parents. Pray for a safe surgery and a quick recovery. Pray that they will all find peace and comfort during this hard time. Thank you everyone!

I know Beau is going to do awesome and we can't wait to see Dylan and Beau running around together soon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Run, Dylan, Run!

Check out Dylan's mad running skills. He's getting so good and so fast on his leg!